Microscope camera mount

A "slit lamp" is a special kind of microscope that eye doctors use to get a closeup look at your eyeball. Recording digital images through a slit lamp is useful, but it has traditionally been a difficult task to do well. Although there are commercially available solutions, they are expensive and only work with a handful of digital cameras.

"W" has been using a cheap and ingenious solution: a Plastimake mount to attach a camera phone directly to the slit lamp.

W writes:

I work in a eye clinic and we have been making custom mounts to mount our phones to the slit lamp (microscope that we use to examine patients eyes). The picture quality is pretty amazing and it works like a charm :)

Although this example is specific to slit lamps, you could use the same idea to mount a camera to many other microscopes or telescopes.

W will be giving a presentation on this concept at the national eye conference in November.

Microscope camera mount

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